2 November 2009

Football Hooligans and Beer! - Arsenal v Liverpool

Its been a busy week! Wednesday night I was lucky enough to get tickets to an Arsenal v Liverpool football (soccer) match. A few days earlier one of my work mates said they had a spare ticket and asked if I wanted it? O HELL YEAH! I didn’t even know (or care) who was playing or were it was played up until the day of the match. I was just stoked to be going to be going. Everything I had seen on Green Street Hooligans was going to come true (if you haven’t seen it – DO!). I had this picture in my mind of crazy hooligans, riots, fights, loads of police... Unfortunately what I imaged was nowhere near reality. But, that was not such a bad thing...

So after work a few of us from work trundled down to the pub for a quick pint before heading up to Emirates Stadium, Arsenals home ground. It was an impressive stadium – seating something like 60,000 people. We got another pint outside – little did I know but you aren’t allowed to take alcohol into the stands. Something about the English being a bunch of idiots when they have had a few. And here I was nursing it, looking like a complete idiot. So I chopped and we headed in. We had insane seats – front row!

The game was cool... but the atmosphere was completely off the hook! I have never experienced anything like it. The chanting was awesome, if not a little unoriginal... Liiiiiiiverpool... Liiiiiiiverpool... Liiiiiiiverpool...

We saw quite a bit of action - two goals in the net near us! The managers coming out to the sideline to do whatever they do. We also saw a couple of guys take a dive... We rekon they should get some All Blacks out there to teach them about taking a dive.

Anyway, a few pictures.

And a couple of crap videos (bit shaky).

If you ever get the chance to go to a match, DO IT! Its seriously worth it.

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