12 November 2009

Vienna to Cesky Krumlov [Day Eight]

Up early and off to Czech Repubic! We left our apartment with plenty of time to spare, headed down to the underground to head to the station... no problems so far. Except we had to change underground trains. We JUST missed one, so waited for the next, but instead of the display board counting down, the timer kept going UP! We waited for about 25 minutes before we actually caught one, by this time we were stressing balls.

But it all ended up OK... just made it onto our train to Linz, Austria. The trip was nice, only about 90 minutes, one of the nicest trains we have been in so far. We then jumped on a shuttle to Cesky Krumlov. We found ourselves once again fearing for our lives in a shuttle, the guy was a mental driver. One of the asain girls sitting infront of us managed to fall asleep... that was until we went around a sharp bend at 100kms/hr... she went sailing across the shuttle into the door! Today was actually our most expensive day for transport so far, costing about 100 euro between us, but it was all worth it once we got here.

We arrived unscathed. Stay friend Kate from uni who is managing this really awesome hostel - Krumlov House. If you are ever in Czech, go there!! It is so nice heaps of really cool people.

Cesky Krumlov seems like a small, untouched town. It is really beautiful, with a nice river running through the center. It is also home to one of the worlds largest castles! It seems like every where you look is like a postcard. It is a truely amazing place. AND in the castle, they have bears (animals, not the drink). Completely random, but its true. Unfortunately they weren't out today though.

We spent our afternoon just wandering. We went up the main tower of the castle for an awesome view over the city. We then took a stroll through the castle gardens just as the sun was setting. It made for some nice photos with all the red leaves in the sunlight. Also made for some perfect views over the town

Later in the evening we headed out to dinner with my friend Kate. She took us to this AWESOME, really authentic czech place. They cooked all the meat on an open fire right infront of you. We had garlic soup, which is apparently a very czech dish, and pork knee. This pork knee was HUGE and sooo good! All up with a couple of beers, it was about £10. No complaints.

We then went in search of the local beer (Eggenberg), but none of the resturants or pubs seemed to sell it! We finally found a place that did, and it was worth the search. Really nice, and so cheap! Pints for about £1 each.

Then we had to go and find the famous fruit dumplings, which are apparently really good. Unfortunately, being a Wednesday night, most places were closed by this stage. But we will endevour to experience them tomorrow :)

So we called it a night. Came home, showered, and had this view out our bedroom window. Not half bad.

All in all, a great experience. It was definitely worth heading 'off the beaten track' and going somewhere most tourists don't. Its a place where you can take a holiday from your holiday, and just chill out for a bit. It was really awesome to catch up with Kate too!

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