28 June 2009

Hard Rock Calling + more

Its been a while since our last update. We have been keeping busy but nothing worth writing a blog about. Until Friday that was...

We both had half a day at work in order to head to Hyde Park for 'Hard Rock Calling'. What a frikken awesome day. We got there about 4pm with our stash of smuggled alcohol. First band we wanted to see wasn't until 5pm, so we chilled under the trees and enjoyed the sun, while listening to idiots trying to sing karaoke. We headed up to the stage with about 15 mins to spare so we could get a good spot right up front. The Silversun Pickups played were awesome! Highlight of the day for me. Unfortunately they only played about 5 songs.

Metric played next and were also really good. But again only a really short set!

At about 7pm we headed to the main stage to meet up with Malcolm and Sharne and a friend of theirs. We caught most of the Kooks set... I wasn't right into it but they sounded good! The Killers came on last and they rocked! I was impressed - I'm not a huge fan but they were awesome. We were standing right behind these awesome people that were dancing up a storm, check out the vids

2 June 2009

Somewhere to live - Take II

We have a new flat! :) We moved into our new place on Friday, with the help of Sarah, Shaun and his work car. Its going well so far, we are much more central now. Within biking distance of work for both Rochelle and I so we plan to invest in a couple soon.

The place is quite small. Two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom... thats it. Sharing with one other guy who seems fairly easy to get along with... so far. The only reason we moved in to such a small place is the fact that we have such a huge room! Well, its not even really that big, but the landlord has made very good use of the space. Our bed it elevated, which opens the room up a lot. We have a big area to chill out in with a little two seater couch, coffee table and tv, which awesome! We can come home and chill out, watch some tv, and not feel like we are cooped up in our room. We also have a huge window that lets in lots of sun =)

So all in all, we are pretty happy. I just hope the flatmate turns out to be OK. Heres a few pics.

In other news, we have booked a trip to Paris. We are travelling on the Eurostar (train) - covering the 350kms in about 2 hours, getting up to 300kmph! We depart the 11th of July for 4 days in the worlds most romantic city. We plan to check out all the touristy sites, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, as well as Disneyland Paris. If you have any suggestions for things we should see/do - then please get in touch.

Totally random... this is rochelle in a suitcase
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