9 November 2009

Bratislava to Vienna [Day Six]

We survived Bratislava! No experiences similar to the movie Hostel, which has got to be good. (click on the pic to the right to enlarge... just do it!)

Up at about 8am and out the door to check out the rest of Bratislava. It definately did not disapoint. I am not going to bore you with the names of the buildings we saw - click on the pics if interested - but what I will say is that this is a truely awesome city. The old town is just plain cool - really authentic. Highlights were Bratislava Castle and these crazy statues that are randomly places over the old town.

We had a 1pm train to Vienna, which we caught without any major problems. Only an hours trip, nice and smooth. We had a bit of an episode along the way as when we thought we had missed our stop! But it turns out, with advice from another friendly backpacker, we were fine. Phew!

Within the first five minutes of being in Vienna, we both fell in love with the place. It is simply beautiful. I think the fact that the sun was shining for almost the first time on our trip may have helped, but I cannot describe how amazing this place is. It seems to just put you at ease. We had the most difficult journey from the station to our accomodation yet, and I forgot to print a map! But we were just chilled and it seemed to all work out.

The apartment is nice, kinda in the ghetto, but only a 5 minute walk into central Vienna so its a perfect location. After we had got ourselves organised, we headed into the city for a bit of a look around and to get some dinner.

This place is even more picturesque at night. Every single building is impressive in itself, but combined they are awe-inspiring.

It looks as though the lights have already been hung for christmas. Either that or they are up all year round. Either way, I was waiting all night for them to come on. Unfortunatey they never did.

Another thing that is insanely cool about this place is the amazing bakeries and chocolate shops. It all looks sooo good!

We wandered around for what seemed like half an hour but was more like two. Some of the places we saw were St Stephans Cathedral (half under restoration ), Imperial Palace (with its breathtaking dome ceiling) and St Peters.

After a day of full on walking we finally retired. Now simply relaxing in our apartment drinking some great Austrian beer. Perfect!

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