23 November 2009

Luzern to Geneva [Day Fourteen]

No need for an alarm today - being a jail there were no curtains. It also turns out there was constuction taking place right outside our window - and they like to get started nice and early. Oh well, good excuse for us to get up and moving.

We headed down to the waters edge again just for a wander around. The sun was shining, blue sky - it was a perfect day. We stumbled across some markets on the edge of the lake selling lots of fresh produce and fish, it all looked so good!

After a couple more photos we headed back to the hotel, packed our gear, and were off to the train station, on our way to Geneva.

The trip was again very scenic. Beautiful green hillsides, huge lakes and towering mountains. Three hours later we arrived in central Geneva.

After finding our hotel, we went exploring for the afternoon. To be blunt, Geneva hasn't really impressed us. The old town is nice, nice buildings, nice river... Its all very nice, but nothing spectacular. It didn't help that Genevas most famous landmark - the Jet d'Eau (one of the largest water fountains in the world), was not working!

Later in the evening we went out again for a bit of a walk. I think this is where Geneva really wins you over. The place lights up amazingly at night.

Tomorrow we are heading to the UN headquarters and International Red Cross Museum. Then its off to the airport and back to London. Sad, but we are both ready for home.

Next Post - 'Geneva to London'

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