31 October 2009

Moscow State Circus

Tuesday night we decided to head out to the Moscow State Circus. I wasn't too sure what to expect - I had this picture in my mind of huge arena seating and a massive stage. What we got was quite a small tent with a very small crowd. Not unpleasantly surprised, we took our seats. Being so small we found the venue quite cosy and had an amazing view.

The circus itself was not quite the 'traditional' circus, it was really quite technical. They had some amazing contraptions on which they had some really impressive performances. I'm not even going to try to explain what or how they did what they did. Here is where I would normally say 'I will let the pictures do the talking'... Unfortunately, having just bought a cool new camera, I was playing around and managed to delete all the pictures!! This was after taking sneaky photos all night long as cameras were not allowed. So we will just have to make do with someone elses...

All in all we had a great time, definitely recomended :)

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