25 July 2013

BEER!... and a Wedding [Australia]

While motivation levels are still relatively high I thought I might as well write about my recent trip to Australia. The main reason for my visit was to celebrate a friends wedding. I met Paul while living in London and hadn't caught up with him, or any of our mutual friends, since. So it was a perfect opportunity to catch up with him and the whole London crew all at once. And while I was at it I decided to take a couple of weeks off to drink VB, watch the footy and yell "'straya, c**t!" at random passer-bys / take a look around. Credit goes to my friends that took more photos than I did at the wedding etc, which I later stole off Facebook.

23 July 2013

Wild [Fiordland, New Zealand]

In March of this year (yes, I know it's taken me six months to post this!) I joined a group of family and friends on a six day trip in the untouched and wild Fiordland.

The occasion? My brothers 40th birthday.
The location? the deep South West Coast of New Zealand.
One of the most remote and untouched places in the country.
The transport? A massive boat.
The crew? A randomly connected bunch of family and friends, all intent on having a good time.

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