18 November 2009

Prague to Munich [Day Eleven]

Its going to be short and sweet. We spent most of the day in a train. Good fun :) We arrived in Munich at about 3:30pm, found our hotel and settled in. First problem, we walk into the room and it smells like a pub. THICK with smoke. I go down and ask for a non-smoking room... apparently all the rooms are non-smoking. But he gives us another one anyway. The new room is barely soundproof, and within five minutes of arriving we hear some wierdo singing at the top of his lungs next door, and cars go past so loud and clear you would think you were standing right next to them (we are three floors up).

We then headed out to have a bit of a squiz at the surrounding area, and check out Konigsplatz - Munichs art district. Not that we are interested in art, but the buildings were quite cool.

From there we headed to Augustiner-Keller Biergarten (beer garden), which is meant to be very good. I was really looking forward to a huge stein, but they didn't do them! I thought that was the norm in Germany, but apparently not. The beer was very good, so I'll let it slide.

There is no WIFI at the hotel, so we headed to the train station, where we heard it was free. There the most random thing happened to us... We were sitting on the ground as there were no seats left, me on the laptop, Rochelle sitting next to me. This strange looking guy walks over to us and starts talking in German, we have no idea what he is going on about. We try to explain that we only speak English. He then gets out his wallet and goes to give us money. We think he must think we are homeless or something? (yes, I still have the laptop infront of me). We say 'NO NO!', shake our heads, wave our hands. He kind of hesitates for a second, then drops all his coins he has in his wallet out infront of us, then walks off down the escallator. We have no idea what the hell just happened. After a minute we look at the money, and its all one and two euro coins. Theres about €15 in total. We sat there for about another 45 minutes, half expecting him to come back, but he never did. Wierd.

That was about our day really, we are both buggered so I think an early night is on the cards.

Next Post - 'Munich'

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  1. Your trip sounds amazing!! Just caught up with all your experiences and photos, you have now been to so many countries, its awesome.
    Where are you going next??


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