9 August 2011

Bumpy, dirty and dusty [Mongolia]

I am learning that nothing in Mongolia happens quickly. If you want to travel independently, you better have some time up your sleeve. Getting from place to place can take not just hours, but days! Paved roads and spacious buses are few and far between. These are replaced with bumpy dirt tracks and crammed, unreliable mini-buses. One thing is for sure - I am getting a truly authentic Mongolian experience.

5 August 2011

Sleepless in Mongolia

The journey down from Ulan-Ude in Russia gave me a short and sweet introduction to Mongolia. It seemed that as soon as we crossed the border from Russia, the landscape changed. Suddenly there were huge, wide open green fields, surrounded by rolling green hills. The odd flock of sheep or herd of cattle grazing, wild horses running across the plains, herders and their gers (traditional house) dotting the landscape. I can completely understand how people fall in love with this country.

The capital city, Ulan Bator (UB), is a stark contrast. Concrete and steel, cars honking 24 hours a day, busy people wearing suits. Although it is a big city, it definately retains a Mongolian flavour. Keep reading; I will explain.
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