24 November 2009

Geneva to London [Day Fifteen]

Our final day is upon us. We have both had an awesome time but definately looking forward to home, our nice bed, good food etc.

We gave ourselves a bit of a sleep in this morning, had breakfast at the hotel, then headed down to see if we could see Jet d'Eau. Unfortunately still nothing. We had a wander around the banks of the lake, before heading to the station to catch a bus to the UN headquarters.

Geneva just wasn't our place - after trying to get through the crazy security, we were told the only way in was with a guided tour (contrary to all the other information we had been given). We walked around the perimeter, couldnt see alot other than all the flags and the monument 'The Broken Chair'.

Just across the road is the International Red Cross Museum. After scouting around the building, it seemed dead. Both not really fussed we moved on. But we did find an awesome lizard in the leaves!

Back in town, we made our way to the river bank to sit and enjoy the views and sunshine. I think we both fell asleep at one stage just relaxing in the sun. Was a nice change from walking all day every day.

Still having a few hours to kill, we decided on a boat trip across the lake. It was nice and calm, sun was shining - it was great. Most of the fog had burnt away by this stage and you could see the mountains in the distance. Very picturesque. I think Rochelle got sick of me singing "I'm on a boat" though...

We made our way to the airport nice and early, and just chilled out waiting for our flight. My bag went from being about 18kg on the way over to 27! Must be all the absynth. Lucky we had a nice check-in lady who didnt charge us for excess.

The flight back was on time and smooth. Go Easy Jet! We are on the bus back to London now. Definately not looking forward to work tomorrow, but life goes on.

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