11 November 2009

Vienna [Day Seven]

Well, the good weather didn't last. The rain held off most of the day, but during the afternoon it decided to start up and hasn't stopped yet. We made the most of the good weather this morning by going out and seeing the rest of the city. I cant add much to what I said yesterday - this place is off the hook! Highlights - City Hall, Parliament Building, Imperial Palace and the Church of St Charles. Lots of stops for hot chocolate and sitting by the heater is recomended at this time of year.

We both kept saying the whole day how gutted we are we weren't here for Christmas. At the moment they are just ramping up - small markets being put together all over the city, lights going up etc. It looks as thought it would be a magical place.

The afternoon turned miserable, we got wet, and headed home for an hour or so to thaw. In the evening we headed to the Vienna Prater - a large amusement park which holds the Giant Ferris Wheel built in 1896. The rest of the park was closed but the wheel was still going. Rochelle wasn't too keen to go up, and with the crappy weather the visibility would have been pretty poor, so we flagged. Was cool to look at though.

For the rest of the evening we basically rode around on the tram looking at all the buildings litten up. We also sampled some Austrian sausage - its really good!

Tomorrow we head to Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic. I have heard good things. Staying with my friend Kate which will be cool :)

Next Post - 'Vienna to Cesky Krumlov'

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