30 September 2009

Having a bit of a moan

I am going to take a break from my normal tales of mystery and adventure to fill you in on a side of London life I have not really shared up until now.

Lately it feels like I have experienced a severe case of de’ja vu... either that or our flatting situation once again turned to s..t. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a glitch in the matrix.

We moved in to our flat at the beginning of June (see here). The place was perfect. Awesome location. we loved our big room with lots of space to chill out, gets lots of sun. It was perfect. The only problem - we pick the weirdest flatmates.

16 September 2009

Hunting Nessy in Scotland

What a huge weekend. Late last night we got back from a 1200+ mile trip to Scotland... Definitely feeling the effects today.

The few days leading up to the trip were quite stressful. We decided on the weekend of the 11th September as Bridget and Aaron had planned to be busy and weren’t able to spend time with us – but plans changed. Rochelle decided she would stay and spend time with them as she would not be seeing them again for 18+ months. As we had planned and booked the holiday weeks before with friends, we could not both pull out at the last minute – so I did the hard yards and went on our holiday without her.

Thursday evening we left London around 6pm, making the mammoth drive up to Edinburgh. We got in about 1am, found our hotel, then hit the bed.

Friday we woke early to go and get ourselves a good cooked Scottish breakfast. We then headed into town for a free walking tour, starting 9:30am. It was a 3 hour tour so we loaded up the parking meter with enough to last the duration. I might quickly mention here that parking was very expensive. When we got there, we were told the guide was sick, and that there was another tour leaving at 11am. A bit annoyed, but still in high spirits, we decided to take a walk up the Royal Mile and check out Edinburgh Castle. We quickly came to the conclusion that this place is AWESOME! Incredible architecture, really nice people, great food, and such a huge amount of history. It is really authentic and cultural - plenty of tartan, bagpipes, kilts, crazy Scots! We even saw tartan being woven in a kilt factory.

6 September 2009

Bridget & Aaron Visit / Day Trip - France/Belgium

Its been a busy few days! Bridget (Rochells sis) and her husband, Aaron are over from Australia. Friday night we caught up with them and Malcolm and Sharne in a pub in town for a few drinks. It was really awesome to catch up, as its been over 12 months since we saw them last.

Friday afternoon Shaun gave me a call and asked if we wanted to go to France for the day on Saturday... Yeah, why not?! Saturday morning Shaun, Sarah, Rochelle and I jumped in the car and were out of London by 8:30am. Drove down to Folkestone to catch the chunnel train, by 11:30am we were in France!
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