27 May 2009

Getting Crazy in Bruges & Amsterdam

The 22nd of May bought about another long weekend here in the UK. As Rochelle has only been paid for about 2 weeks so far, and I have not been paid at all – funds were a little low. But that’s no reason to not go and have a killer weekend, right?!

Rochelle was not able to come =( work and the fact that there was a 4 hour ferry ride involved kinda put her off.

The weekend begun Friday afternoon. I caught a train to Sevenoaks – about 40 mins out of London, where I met up with Shaun and Sarah. We travelled the rest of the way to Ramsgate where our ferry left, and arrived with about 10 minutes to spare.

The ferry was surprisingly smooth. Our first adventure began with trying to order a dinner. We tried to order Potato Croquets, and we ended up with an egg on toast with ham, cheese and tomato. Wasn’t bad though, especially washed down with our first Belgian beer.

6 May 2009

Roadtrippin' - A Long Weekend Trip to Wales

Most of last week was fairly miserable really - Rochelle was sick (swine flu?) and I didn't feel much better. It was also my first 'real' week of work which was pretty stressful. Friends of ours - Shaun and Sarah - decided to go away for the long weekend and invited us along. A perfect chance to get away!

The trip started early Saturday morning. Shaun and Sarah picked us up about 7:30 and we were on our way. Wales is only about 3 hours from London so it isn't a huge drive. The first major attraction was the Severn Bridge - a huge bridge connecting England and Wales. It was awesome to see, but a little hard to get good photos of. We then stopped in Caerleon - its of one of Britain's three permanent Roman Legionary Fortresses and is believed to be the location of King Arthur's Camelot. We went to the museum and took a tour of a recreated Barracks- lead by a guy dressed in the full Roman armour. He was pretty funny and we learnt lots of interesting things about how the romans lived. We also visited some ruins in Caerleon - The Roman Amphitheatre and Barracks. The Amphitheatre was really interesting and ! The barracks was interesting but not much to look at. We also saw an old lady police officer...

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