14 November 2009

Cesky Krumlov to Prague [Day Nine]

Another early start. We got up, packed up, then headed down into town. The weather was brilliant! Sun shining, blue sky, couldnt ask for better. First stop was the supermarket to get some of this crazy spirit the czechs love to drink. We then headed to get some breakfast, and pick up a few souvenirs.

At 11am we jumped on a bus heading for Prague. It was one of the flashest buses I have ever seen! They were meant to even have WIFI (but they didnt). We arrived in Prague about 2pm.
After about 15 minutes of trying to work out the tram system, and finally deciding they must have changed the routes since our guide book was printed, we decided to walk to the hotel. It was about 2km so not too far. The hotel is nice enough, and quite central, so ticks all the boxes.

Number one on the list was to buy tickets for our onward journey to Munich. The main station is walkable, so we took a stroll down. Along the way we found the National Museum, an extremely impressive building. One thing we have noticed is a lot of the buildings here are black, not exactly sure why that is yet...

We then headed into the old town and the main market square. We passed through the main touristy area where there were lots of amazing buildings and tourist shops. One FILLED with Russian dolls. We saw the Astronomical Clock and Tyn Church - two of Pragues main attractions. We saw the clock do its unimpressive display on the hour, everybody cheered!

Later that evening we headed out for dinner at a Czech microbrewery - which brews and sells its own beer, as well as doing traditional Czech food. I had roast pork with dumplings and saurkraut. Rochelle had Wiener Schnitzel and potatoes. We then had fruit dumplings and crepes with beer jam for desert. I thought the beer was really good, the food not so much. Its good to experience these things anyway.

After dinner we had a quick stop at another pub for a beer, before heading to our 'Haunted Tour'. We learnt quite a lot on the tour, including that Prague is thought to be the most haunted city in the world. There were lots of interesting ghost stories, most based on at least partial fact. Although it was really interesting, most of it did not really frighten us, but the Jewish Cemetry - that place is just scary. For 400 years the jews were given one small field in which to bury their dead. The bodies are buried 12 deep, and there are approximately 12,000 gravestones in this tiny cemerty. LOWEST estimates are that there are 100,000 bodies buried in there. Most of these people died in unpleasant ways at the hands of either by the Cathlocs or the Nazis'. So if anywhere was going to be haunted, this place was it.

After the tour, we headed home via the river, giving us a distant view of the largest castle complex in the world, and the famous charles bridge. The castle looked amazing at night, the bridge not so much, but we will give it another chance tomorrow.

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