22 February 2009

Montreal & Toronto [Day 33 & 34]

Day 33 - Not so interesting. We picked up the car in the morning - a nice Pontiac. Pretty basic, but at least it was better than the Hyundai. Still no central locking though... We were going to head up Mount Royal, but again the weather was crap! So decided to flag. We headed out of the city toward Toronto. The trip is about 500kms. Unfortunately not a lot to see through all the fog...

We arrived in Toronto in the evening and just relaxed.

Day 34 - I hope you like waterfalls! Today we headed out to the Niagara Falls. It is about 90 mins drive out of Toronto and the forecast for the afternoon was snow, so we got away nice and early. Fortunately the weather was perfect! We found a parking spot in town and walked down to the falls. There is a smaller waterfall nearer to the town that we thought were 'the' falls. Although it was quite large, it weren't as big as I had imagined. There was also enormous rocks of ice built up against the falls -  I'm not sure how exactly the ice forms the way it does - but it looks very cool.

Then we saw the 'actual' falls. Now these are impressive! They are so wide - the volume of water going over those falls is just unbelievable. We got some good photos, but unfortunately you can't really see how big it is because of all the mist.

After about an hour we got over it haha. We headed up the hill into Niagara. I couldn't believe how touristy it was. Reminded us of Las Vegas. We went into a few souvenir shops but didn't buy anything.

So we headed back to Toronto. We decided to head downtown and have a look around. There are some really awesome areas with old brick buildings, as well as some HUGE skyscrapers.

Tomorrow we are going to check out some other areas in the city for most of the day before heading to the airport. We fly out to London at 9pm (Sunday), arrive 7am Monday, then fly out to Dublin at 11am. We have planned for 8 days in Ireland and going to try to pack in as much as we can.

Next Post - 'Toronto to Dublin'


  1. Where are the pictures from Montreal?

  2. Hey there, check out http://www.nealandrochellesoe.com/2009/02/day-30-31-32-calgary-montreal.html for lots of pictures of Montreal.


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