3 February 2009

San Diego to Vancouver [Day 14 & 15]

YAY we are in Canada! It is not as cold as we expected... but still cold enough!

Before we get into that I will fill you in on our last 2 days in the states.

Day 14 in San Diego - We had planned to take a look at the zoo, then check out the city and a few other places in San Diego. But the Zoo ended up taking our whole day! That place is HUGE! We had lots of fun and took heaps of awesome pictures. But the Galapagos Tortoise was not out :( which was not cool. We saw lots of monkeys, big gorillas, a hippo, polar bears, giant panda bears, leopards, a panther, leemers, elephants, an anteater, giraffes, bears, rhinos, camels, lizards, snakes and heaps more. Pics:

(yes those flamingos are mating, and yes I am patting a komodo dragon)

When we finished looking at everything, we took the scenic drive home and got a few pics of San Diego. Its really nice, lots of palm trees and beautiful beaches.

The picture of the beach is right out front of our hotel. Was such a good spot!

Day 15 - We were up bright and early for the drive to LA. We had to be at the airport by 10:40am, so got up at 7 and were away by 7:45. Plenty of time... or so we thought. After an hour and a half we met the LA traffic. It was pretty full-on. We were so lucky they had car-pool lanes. We just jumped in that and bypassed about a million cars! We got to the rental car place and dropped back the car, then headed to the airport.

The security at LA airport is mad. We even had to take off our shoes. Then both Rochelle and I were pulled aside for 'additional screening'. What a mission! So got through, got on our plane and took off to Canada.

The flight was pretty short, only about 2.5 hours. We were surprised by the lack of security. Maybe we have just been over-exposed after going through LA. Got a cab to our hotel, which happened to be on a street that was closed due to road works! So we had to get all our bags together and walk for about a block (we have alot of bags). After this experience, I am seriously reconsidering what I need and what I don't...

We got settled in to our Hotel and tried to find out what there is to do here... apparently lot a lot in the middle of winter! haha. We have a few things planned for tomorrow but nothing major. Could be a good thing though, give us time to relax a bit - its been a full-on 2 weeks!

We went out for dinner tonight for my birthday. Was really good and so cheap! Had carrot cake for desert too mmmmmm :)

So we are here until Wednesday afternoon, when we head to Calgary! Plan on alot of boarding, ice hockey games, moose spotting, catching up with my brother and maybe a few trips out of town.

Tune in next time... Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Next Post - 'Vancouver & Calgary'

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