1 February 2009

Keg Party! San Diego [Day 13]

Just a quick update today after yesterdays marathon effort! We arrived safely in San Diego at about 4pm. Highlight of the trip was this sign (left). Thats about it really haha. Lots more desert, huge long roads...

We just clicked over 2,000 miles in the rental. That's 3220kms. Not bad for 2 weeks.

When we arrived in San Diego we pulled up to our hostel... Awesome location right on the beach! But the place looked disgusting and was full of inbred yanks. I also saw "keg party Saturday Night" written on a blackboard... Two words, not keen. So we walked across the road to this really nice hotel and got a room for less than we were paying at the hostel! We must have seemed like we needed some charity or something because the normal rate for the room is $150/night!

Just been going through some photos and here is a couple of cool ones of the canyon. Plus the video of the Bellagio water show.


Plan for tomorrow is the zoo and just check out San Diego

Next Post - 'San Diego to Vancouver'

1 comment:

  1. That's sleepy road :p
    Fountains are gr8 on the vid so must be impressive realtime. And all that jazz...
    Have a great birthday!


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