14 February 2009

In the Mountains [Day 24, 25 & 26]

Day 24 - Lots more mountains! We drove down from Jasper through to Golden. We had planned to go out into the Glacier National Park, but after calling in to the information center, we were told it was fairly similar to what we saw on the way down. As it was still early afternoon we decided to carry on down to Radium and go to the hot springs. Here is a couple of pics from our journey. Check out the awesome glacier and the ice covering the road...

After we got settled into a motel we went down to the hot springs. We forgot our togs (who takes togs into the mountains!?) so we had to hire some. They had 'normal' ones there, as well as these historic ones from the 1920's. We decided to hire the historic ones just for a laugh. Mine were super tight... hot!

Day 25 - Today we traveled back to Calgary. More amazing scenery. I wont tell you about it, just check out the pics.

We drove back through Banff and saw this HUGE deer!

(on the back of a bus)

We also called into Canada Olympic Park - where the '88 Olympics was held. The ski ramps were huge! And we also saw the bobsled and luge tracks. You could go down in the bobsled but it was $160 for 60 seconds, so we flagged that.

Day 26 - Up early again - Daniel and I went out to spend the day on the mountain. Was an awesome day of boarding. There was a bit of fresh snow so conditions were better than the last time I went.

The car when I went to leave in the morning

Later that night we went out to a house party with Jo (a friend of Terris) Met some cool people and had a few drinks. Was a good time!

Next Post - Magic Carpet - Calgary

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