9 February 2009

Go Flames! - Calgary [Day 19, 20 & 21]

It has been an awesome 3 days and we are starting to get to see a bit more of Canada. Teri and Rob have been awesome taking us out and showing us around. We are having a really good time.

Day 19. We were again really lazy and slept in. When we got up I did a bit of research on rental cars and packages to Montreal. After lunch we headed into the City. About an hours trip on a bus and train and we were there. It was so cold we just looked for the first mall we could find and went in. We had a bit of a look around the city but we were wimps and couldn't handle the cold, so packed it in. It was not a bit deal though, it is just another concrete jungle really... When we got off the bus and the sun was setting it started to get quite cold. Rochelle was having a bit of a moan haha. But apparently this is really mild. I hope it doesn't get too much colder.

Day 20. GO FLAMES! Today we had our first NHL experience. First was a huge breakfast at a place down the road. It was sooo good! Then we headed to the 'Saddle Dome' - the stadium shaped as a saddle (surprisingly). Teri got Rochelle and I 'Calgary Flames' t-shirts so we fitted in (Terri is right into it). We got our $7.25 beers and headed for our seats. The game was awesome! We had so much fun. The flames lost 2 to 1 against the Anaheim Ducks - and apparently the game sucked!

Awesome video of a fight!

Later that evening Rochelle and I decided to go out to 'Ranchmans' - a real country bar. Basically lots of old people in cowboy hats and checker shirts. Wasn't really our scene but was funny to watch the old people dancing (even some line dancing). There was also a mechanical bull, which Rochelle was too chicken to get on (neither would I though haha). I got a good pic of one of the bar maids on it though ;)

Day 21 started very early - about 6:30am. Rob and I were out for a day on the mountain. We had to drive for about 90 minutes to get out there. This place is unbelievable. The mountains rise up from the road side and stretch to the sky. The pictures don't show you just how huge these mountains are but here are a couple anyway.

The weather was so good! Its just a shame there hasn't been any snow for the past few weeks because we were sliding down on ice. In saying that - NZ mountains are nothing compared to these. I have never been on anything like it. We had some awesome runs in the morning - I had a nice tumble when I got a bit quick and hit a bit of ice - hurt my neck a little but I'll be OK. We had a bit of lunch then headed out for a few more runs in the afternoon. The snow had started to soften up a bit making it even better! I had such a wicked time. Sitting here on the couch at 8pm I think almost every muscle in my body is aching. But I will be doing all I can to get out for another day on the mountain.

I actually boarded down this (steeper than it looks - honestly!)

Rochelle spent the day with Terri. A bit of a girls day out. They went to the movies and went for lunch etc.

Tomorrow we are going to rent a car and try to go visit my brother at the Uni. Tuesday we are going to head up into the mountains again. We have a 5 day trip planned out in and around the mountains. I have been told the scenery is spectacular. Hopefully we will have another day up the mountain on Monday as it is a public holiday here. After that the plan is to head to Montreal - but we havn't booked anything yet so its a bit up in the air.

Next Post - 'Into the Mountains'

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  1. Is that Rochelle's cold face? Tee hee. Bet you're glad to have those thermals eh!! We are havin a heat wave over here. XX


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