29 November 2010

Zombies, live music and the best laid plans

Unfortunately I haven't done any travelling in the last six weeks... Not the best fuel for a travel blog. But I do have reasons; my UK visa is up early next year - so I'm planning on a bit of an adventure. The mission is to get as close to home as possible without flying. I think Australia is a realistic goal. The basic route is London to the south coast of France, into Italy, across to Greece and Turkey. I have until the 25th April to get to Istanbul for the ANZAC day services. From there I head to Croatia for the sailing trip I won. (Thanks to everyone that helped me with that!) And from there - hard core Eastern Europe; think Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Latvia, Estonia... It's on to Russia to catch the Trans-Siberian rail, passing through Mongolia and on to China. Once in China it is a straight shot home; through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. I hope to be able to jump on a yacht to Darwin. And while in Australia, I may as well do a bit of exploring, right? Anyway, check out this map for the more detailed plan.

In other news, I was lucky enough to win tickets to see The Temper Trap. Yes, they are Australian, but they are still pretty cool. I invited my friend Jenna, who is also Australian, but again, still pretty cool. To be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of Temper Trap, but I'm always keen to see a bit of live music. Lets just say I'm glad I went. They really were amazing; the lead singer has a great voice. And you could tell they were having a good time up on stage, which makes such a big difference. I took some videos, so ch-ch-check it out!



Sweet Disposition

Down River
More live music - I also went to see New Zealand band Shapeshifter. Again with an Australian, Nicole - but she likes Shapeshifter, so she is cool. We were actually up the very front, right against the barrier. It was a f'n amazing show. It was almost ruined by some drunk idiot who kept leaning all over us - but I told him what's what ;) I took a couple of videos on my phone, but the audio is a bit crap. Link on the left.

Halloween isn't much of a big deal in New Zealand. It is a LOT bigger over here, so I decided to get into the swing of things, dress up and go to my friend Phillippa's house-warming party. It was such a good time. Everyone made a huge effort and dressed up. I actually spent about two hours getting ready - dressed as a zombie little Bo Peep. Check those photos out - seriously scary!

So the travel plans are still at a minimum. Saving is the number one goal at the moment, as 4-5 months travelling next year is going to cost a lot of cash (donations are always gratefully received ;) ). I am going to Scotland for New Year - there is a massive street party called Hogmanay. I am also going to visit my relatives in the Netherlands in late January, which should be really good. But other than that, there will be minimal blogging. It is going to be all work and no play.

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  1. Head down, tail up is not generally the position you expect a guy in. ;) Kidding my love!

    I think we need to get like a map and have a little mini Neal walking on there... so we know where you are. LOL! That'd be better than a blinking dot on a map, right?? Too bad I suck at HTML otherwise I'd make it happen.

  2. @ Sara - try everything once I say...

    I think that is an awesome idea! I'll get one of my nerd friends to make one!


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