9 November 2010

Rugged, Wild and Beautiful - Costa Brava [Day One]

Feeling a little seedy, I forced myself out of bed at a reasonable hour (OK, fine! I was dragged out of bed). The reason for the early start was later that day we were moving on to our next destination - the Costa Brava. This is the area of coastline north of Barcelona, and extends all the way to the French Boarder. Let me hit you with some knowledge - Costa is the Catalan and Spanish word for 'coast', and Brava means 'rugged' or 'wild'. Either way, it is beautiful. A bit like me, really; rugged, wild and beautiful...

We packed up then jumped on the metro to go and pick up our hire car. I gave the woman at the rental place my Australian drivers license. She told me she could hire me the car, but if I got pulled over it would be a €300 fine. As I was still three times over the blood/alcohol limit from the night before (joking!) I wasn't too concerned. She also talked me into buying insurance, which cost more than it was to hire the car! Bloody rental car companies grrr...

In the parking lot we find a nice little silver BMW, very new. It even had one of those keyless keys (yes, such a thing exists!), which you just plug in to the dashboard. It also kept automatically turning off at every set of lights, and would start itself up again as soon as I put my foot on the clutch. Pretty flash!

So we were off! A couple of near misses with off ramps and such, but on the whole a pretty smooth journey. We arrived in a little town called L'Escala early afternoon, where we met a nice woman who was renting us an apartment. The place was really nice, had a great view over the harbour, and even a pool! It was quiet too. In fact the whole town was quiet! I knew we had come in the 'shoulder' season, but I expected some tourists. There was literally no one around. After a crazy six days in Spain a bit of quiet sounded like a pretty good idea.

I basically wasted away the afternoon chilling out by the pool, reading my book and/or having a bit of a siesta. We spent the evening on the patio, having a quiet drink and watching the yachts sail by.

Next Post - 'Ghost Town'

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  1. I would freak out if I was driving something that turned off at every light. I am in constant fear of breaking down. In town...no big deal. I'll call my brother at an auto shop and he ALWAYS bails me out. (It's true- he's changed my tire twice because I don't want to learn!) Anywhere else...I'd be seriously a candidate for "pick me up on the side of the road and murder me" because I'd go off with the first person that stopped. LOL. :)


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