1 November 2010

Flight: FAIL! - Barcelona [Day One]

This is going to be a short one. Not a whole lot went right today. First off the weather was crap - overcast and even a bit of rain. Not ideal beach weather. I basically spent the morning packing up and reading my book.

That afternoon I caught my extremely short flight to Barcelona. For some reason at the airport I bought a return bus ticket even though I would be driving back to the airport. It is true, I am an intelligent guy. When I got into the city some kind of protest was going on... chanting, banners, signs, people holding up traffic. Madness.

As I was to be meeting up with my parents (for the first time in about two years!) we had booked an apartment in the city. It was awesome! About the only good thing that happened that day. I found it and checked in no problem. After a quick trip to the supermarket I settled in with a packet of chips and a few beers to wait for the parental units to show up. Soon after I got a text saying their EasyJet flight had been cancelled! But they had another flight out later that night, so wouldn't be in until about 10pm.

I amused myself with Spanish TV until then. When they finally got in I learned this little protest in town was not such an isolated event. It was country-wide, and the reason for the cancellation of the flight. (It turns out that they had to rebook on AirFrance at something like €400 a seat!) The whole country was due to shut down the following day. We didn't know the exact reason as yet, but it all seemed pretty serious.

We had a bit of a catch up that evening before calling it a day. Quite an uneventful day, but you get that sometimes.


  1. Hey!!! I heard about this on the news! There was a report that a bunch of people traveling couldn't get into Spain, etc and I totally remember saying to my mom, "Who the hell travels and doesn't check to see if there are crazy people rioting and such???" Yeah. Apparently you. :) Sorry lover. :) LOL!

  2. Yeah that is usually number one on my check list - 'See if there are crazy people rioting!'

    Must have slipped my mind haha


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