11 November 2010

Ghost Town - Costa Brava [Day Two]

Today's blog is going to be more about the photos than the words. 1. Because I am lazy, and 2. I'm a better photographer than writer...

We made our way south from L'Escala to visit three or four nice coastal towns. The morning was overcast and grey - and the first place we visited, Sa Punta, was absolutely deserted. It seemed like a ghost town; there were rows and rows of apartment buildings facing the beach, but not one person around. It must be huge in the summer time, but today there was not a soul to be found.

Luckily by the time we got to the next small town, Begur, the cloud had burned off and the sun was starting to shine. It was even starting to heat up. Just as well as in two days I would be heading back to shitty London for the rest of the miserable winter. Begur is a cool little town, built on a hill with a big fort on top. Its winding cobble alleyways are filled with beautifully coloured buildings and old stone churches. The streets are filled with flowers and plants, potted or creeping up the sides of the buildings. The central square is surrounded by cafe's, with tables sprawling out into the sunlight. A very cool, authentic little place.

Driving down toward the coast we found the village of Tamariu. Think rocky cliff faces, lush green forest, crystal clear water and golden sand.

Over the hill was the town of Llfranc. Basically every little bay is a new town, all quite similar, so I'm not going to go into detail about this one. One thing I will say - there were certainly more people out and about in these towns than where we were staying in L'Escala. But still relatively quiet.

From Llfranc we headed home. That night we headed out to the old town for tapas. To begin with we were blown away by how expensive it all was - similar to what we had paid in central Barcelona! But when our food came we understood - the portions were massive! We had trouble eating it all. And the food, delicious.

After dinner, while wandering home, we found a cool little souvineer shop that must have been going out of business. Everything in the store was 50% off. The prices marked looked really cheap so we bought a few things. Dad got an awesome model boat, which when he took to the counter he found it was 50% off the marked price. Bargain!

Next Post - 'Sick of the Med? Never!'

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  1. I want to ride in the little boat!!! That looks like fun!! :)


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