29 October 2009

Kickin' it with my Kiwi homeboys - Ministry of Sound & The Church

From the outset it was going to be a big weekend. Our friends from New Zealand were in London and ready to get rowdy! Damo & Ryan arrived on Friday afternoon and headed to Sarah and Shauns - finding themselves a nice comfy airbed to share* for the next couple of nights... cosy! They got their skirts on, did their makeup etc then made their way around to our place for a few drinks. Lots of reminescing, laughs, stories... just good times really. From this point on things get a little hazy. We jumped on a bus into Elephant and Castle and made our way to the iconic Ministry of Sound. MOS first opened in 1991 as a club dedicated to house music. It was hugely popular and has since is now probably more famous for their CD’s.

We had one hiccup at the door – Shaun got told to go away and come back in half an hour. I don’t know exactly why (a few too many maybe?). Anyway, we all got in eventually, and once in, only one word came to mind – intense. The music, the lights, the people... It is just one of those things you have to experience for yourself. There are about 4 or 5 separate rooms, each with a different DJ/genre playing. We went into the hard house room – my god! I am surprised more people don’t have seizures or something.

After a crazy night I think we got home close to 5am. T’was a good one.

Not being the type to lounge around for the rest of the weekend – we headed to ‘The Church’ on Sunday afternoon. The Church is basically a HUGE piss up on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of alcohol, crazy people dressed up in all sorts of costumes. They have entertainment in the form of strippers, comedians, drinking races etc. The one word that came to mind here was mongrel - pure and simple. Some of us got a little more crazy than others - no names, but all in all, good wholesome family fun. Ill let the pictures do the talking!

So a killer weekend had by all. Catching up with Damo and Ryan was really cool... Now I just have to convince more friends to come and visit!

* May or may not be 100% accurate

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