11 October 2009

Greenwich & Thames Barrier

It has been an eventful weekend!

Friday night we met up with Damo and Ryan - friends from NZ - that are over here doing a bit of travelling. They were only in town for the night so we went out and had a few brews and did a bit of catching up. They are back in a few weeks time so have some big plans...

Saturday Rochelle and I decided to head to Greenwich, most famous for the Prime Meridian (Longitude 0). But it turns out there is a whole lot of other cool stuff in Greenwich too! First we checked out the Old Royal Naval College, which contains The Painted Hall. This is an amazing dining hall which is 'probably the finest dining hall in the Western world' according to these guys. The Navel College is right on the Thames and offers some great views of the city and the O2 Arena.

We then walked across the road to Greenwich Park. A huge green space with lots of trees, people lazing in the sun etc. We walked up the hill to the Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian, offering some incredible views looking out over the city. Outside the observatory there is a line marked in the stone where you can stand with one foot in the Eastern Hemisphere and one in the Western. Pretty cool, but there was a line to stand on the line, and we couldn't really be bothered. We walked through the Observatory, saw some really intricate old clocks, got some good pics of London then headed back down the hill.

When we were done with 'the line', we headed back down into Greenwich and found the markets. They were awesome - one of the best markets I've been to yet. Lots of interesting things to look at, good food etc. But still nursing a bit of a hangover, all the people, the noise, the smells, was a bit much... So we grabbed an awesome chorizo ciabatta and got outa there.

We sat down to eat our lunch in a small park and found the most awesome squirrel! He came up and ate right out of our hand. Rochelle wanted to take him home. We took a couple of short vids...

As it was still early in the afternoon we decided to head to the Thames Barrier - basically a large dam that helps prevent London from flooding during large tides. Its the worlds second largest movable flood barrier - and it is quite impressive! There are nine large pillars coming from the water which control rotating sections which block the river. Its quite complicated really, so if you want to find out more about how it works - check out here.

On Sunday Rochelle had to work - leaving me to pack up all our stuff and try to get it to Shaun and Sarah's house. I think Rochelle has a gravitational force - things just seem to get sucked to her. We have accumulated more stuff! Super Shaun offered to drive round and pick it up. Probably a good idea as my ankle is looking like this ---> at the mo (long story). So we are staying in the love shack with S&S for the next week until our flat becomes available. Should be fun =) I can't thank Shaun, Sarah, Malcolm and Sharne enough for putting up with us, they have been such a huge help!

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  1. Greenwich sure is a cool place to visit, whether its the Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory or the Park and I better not forget there is a couple of good pubs as well.


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