6 October 2010

Germans: Awesome - Oktoberfest [Day Two]

Day two started relatively early considering the previous day's shenanigans. I met my friend Nic at breakfast, which was actually pretty decent (eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, toast etc). Soon after we jumped on one of the shuttles and headed into the festival.

It was a lot quieter than the previous day, so we wandered around the whole festival grounds - checking out the rides, stalls, and almost all of the beer halls. The halls are freakin’ awesome. All of them amazingly decorated with coloured ribbons, wreaths, lights... The weather was beautiful so we thought it would be a shame to sit inside (also we couldn’t find any seats!). We ended up settling down in the beer garden of Schottenhamel for a few steins. We got chatting to a middle-aged German couple who were really friendly. After they left we found they had forgotten two commemorative pins. A cool little souvenir. We held on to them incase they came back – but they never did. Unfortunately I somehow lost mine later that night.

Another German couple joined us who had been coming to the opening weekend of Oktoberfest for 30 years or something crazy. They come mainly for the roast pork on a spit, which is so popular it has its own huge tent! The guy was given free beer and food vouchers by his work – but as they had already eaten, they gave us a voucher for a half-chicken!

Later in the afternoon we were joined by Rose and Felicity for food and more drinking. While sitting in the sun I saw none other than the TNT crew. Two days from two, in a festival with hundreds of thousands of people! What are the odds?!

We decided that if we were going to get seats in a tent for that evening we should probably get in early-ish. We managed to get a spot in the Hofbrau tent on a table with mainly Germans and a couple of Israelis. Again, all the friendliest people you could ever meet. The Israeli guy (Boris) even gave me his number and said if I am ever in Israel that I was more than welcome to come and stay.

Sitting at the table next to us was this old couple – they must have been in their 70’s! Both singing and having a great time. How cool is that?

Our friend Sarah joined us not long after we found a table, and had acquired a beard from... somewhere? The night becomes somewhat hazy from that point on, but luckily I have plenty of photo evidence. Nic and Sarah did an alcohol breath test, Sarah blowing a crazy 3.55! video (I'm not exactly sure of the measurement here, but it seemed to be considerably more than everyone else was blowing).

After another spectacular night at Oktoberfest, filled with singing, dancing, drinking and hanging out with awesome people, we headed back to the camp-site (not before stopping at a dodgy stall for a pizza).We spent the rest of the evening in the bar area at the camp ground, which included plenty more drinking (surprisingly?) and lots of good times.

To wrap up day two – I don’t want to leave. This place is heaven, everyone is friendly and having the best time together. I will someday return, even if its when I’m 80!

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