12 October 2010

HEY! We're going to Ibiza! [Day One]

2:45am, I am suddenly woken from a deep sleep and find myself sitting bolt upright in bed. SHIT! My alarm hasn't gone off and I'm meant to be out the door in five minutes. I quickly rush around, get everything together and am gone in about eight. Not bad. A quick side note - I love you internal body clock. This could have turned out much, much worse.

Ten minutes later I meet my friend Ana on a cold, windy train station platform in the south of London. We don't have to wait long before our train arrives to whisk us away to Gatwick airport.

We arrive and check in with plenty of time. Onto our flight at about 5:45am for a 6am departure. Doors closed, everyone seated, tray tables stowed... At 6am the captain comes over the speaker and tells us that due to a strike in France we wont be taking off... for another two hours! They didn't know this before they had us all worked up and ready to go? Besides, with a strike in France surely there are less aircraft in the sky? We have a pilot, he is not striking, we have air traffic control, they are not on strike, what is the hold up?

We end up waiting an hour before getting the green light. At just after 7am we are in the air and heading for IBIZA!

Three hours of smooth sailing later and I find myself looking down white sandy beaches and seas 100 different shades of blue. Paradise. I can't wait.

We touch down, through customs, on a bus, and are in Ibiza Town (or Eivissa) before we know it. We find our hotel without too much trouble... just one block back from the beach! - oh hells yeah! The room is basic but tidy, all we need. We settle in, then decide too make the most of the sunshine and head for the beach.

I have never seen so many boobs in all my life. Honestly. I'm not saying they were all nice, but the sheer quantity was impressive. Maybe this isn't paradise, but heaven? Or are those the same thing? The beach was beautiful, crystal clear water, nice sand, sunshine, blue skies. I could not have imagined better. Notice my priorities there - mention the breasts before the beach! After a few hours sunning ourselves, relaxing, reading, checking out the talent etc, we decided to retire to the hotel for a nap. It had been a long day and we were preparing for an even longer night!

A solid two hour power nap and I am good to go! We stayed in the hotel room with a few drinks and pizza. I know, not very cultured or adventurous, but there is plenty of time for all that later. At around midnight we grabbed a cab to Pacha, Ibiza's oldest club, having opened in 1973! It is still one of the major players on the club scene - and was recommended to me by... well, everyone! Pacha did not disappoint. It is another world. Beautiful people, amazing surroundings, no expense spared... and the music, a beat you just cannot help but move to.

I cut some shapes on the d-floor, at one point right infront of the DJ booth. Making best friends with random strangers, gettin' loose, dancing like a complete idiot... pretty much just having a kick-ass time. At some point during the night dancers filled the stage, one wearing not much more than thigh-high boots and tassels. No one seemed to mind. They also had a crazy laser show. Although it was €40 to get in, and a bottle of water was €10+ (I would hate to think what alcohol cost!), I think it was definitely worth it. I had an amazing time! And even got a couple of videos, here and here. Disclaimer - these videos are not PG rated!

I'm not exactly sure what time we left the club. All I remember is getting home, falling into bed and everything turning dark within 30 seconds. Not surprising after a massive first day on the party island. It had certainly lived up to its reputation.

Next Post - 'High Town'


  1. "I have never seen so many boobs in all my life." Best line ever haha. Sounds like a fun time!

  2. Way back in my younger days...I spent two weeks on Ibiza and I can't remember a thing, apart from I know I drank a lot and met a couple of tanned girls! I think it was fun...


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