25 March 2009

Week 3 in London - With somewhere to live!

This is going to be short and sweet...

No sight seeing this week. But we found a flat! Its a really nice apartment in Wimbledon - only just built a couple of months ago and we have our own bathroom!! =D  Its walking distance to the tennis ground and town center with a mall and lots of nice little shops etc.... We are living with one other couple who seem nice. So it was goodbye to Malcolm and Sharne. It has been a HUGE help being able to stay there while we got ourselves set up but it was time to move on... I am sure they're happy to have their house back! But we will catch up soon.

Well until today we STILL did not have bank accounts. I was ready to give up... but we went into the branch in Wimbledon today and had a bit of a moan. It is hard to believe different branches of the same bank could be so different. They were so helpful and sat down with us for about an hour and a half to get us sorted out. They even bent the rules a little to get us a better account. Unfortunately Rochelle was denied an account - no logical reason why as the woman entered exactly the same information for Rochelle as she did for me - but "computer says no". They were very apologetic and are trying to sort it out. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. So now we have a bank account - all donations to the neal and rochelles travel fund will be accepted - spending Australian dollars over here hurts!

Still no jobs. Making progress slowly though. Have registered with a few more agencies and have a couple of jobs im chasing up recruiters about, but no contract yet. Rochelle has her first interview coming up as a receptionist at a dentist - which she is stoked about because it is exactly what she wants to do! So fingers crossed for that.

Thats all the news really. Hope we get jobs soon or we may be knocking on one of your doors in the near future looking for a couch to sleep on!

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  1. Flat sounds ideal,hope your job interview goes well Shell


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