4 March 2009

The Eagle Has Landed - London :)

We are finally here!

It was a nice short flight yesterday. After getting off we had our first experience with Londons public transport system - and it was actually really good. Thank god as we had all our gear with us. We had to get 3 separate trains and only had to wait a max of about 5 minutes.

We got to Malcolm (Rochelles brother) and Sharne's (his wife) place in the early evening and just had a chilled out night sitting around talking. We have already moved right in spread our packs half way across the room!

Today we had the BEST sleep in! We are planning to go and get a bank account his afternoon and maybe get a cellphone. The job and flat hunting has already started so we will keep you all updated.

We also plan to do a bus tour of London in the next few days which has been highly recomended by Malcolm and Sharne.

The updates will probably become a little less frequent for a while but if you want to have a yarn or see what we are up to either email us or find us on Facebook

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