17 March 2009

Week 2 in London - The hunt continues

Its been 2 whole weeks now! And we are still having a good time. Less sight-seeing now and more flat/job hunting...

We have seen so many flats we are pretty much sick of it. Missed out on a few nice ones unfortunately, but we fill find somewhere soon I am sure. We went to see a place tonight which was OK. The house is quite small, and not 'ideal', but its in a really good location and relatively cheap... and its alot better than most of the other flats we have seen.

The job hunting is going better. I had an interview today which went really well, and have had a call from a couple of recruiters.

This week we have been to see a few things. First was the Tower of London. It is really cool inside - they have walking tours taking you around telling you about the history of the Tower and London. You learn about all the people be-headed there, see the instruments of torture - its all pretty awesome really! We saw lots more of the queens guards - some with huge machine guns! Also saw the crown jewels, which includes the largest diamond in the world. All quite impressive.

We also went to check out the London Monument which commemorates the great fire of London in 1666. Its a huge thing - 202ft in height, which is the distance from where it stands to the bakehouse where the fire started.

The same day we looked at the Bank of England, the Millenium Bridge as well as Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Later in the avo we went to see St Pauls Cathedral. Its a HUGE cathedral, the dome can be seen for miles. While there we saw these awesome squirrels and this crazy old man feeding them.

Plans for the coming week is much the same - find a flat and jobs!

Rochelle has a phone now too if you wanna get in touch +447847096756

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