6 March 2011

Walk a Day in my Shoes - Life in London

Most of my posts on here are about the trips I have taken across Europe and England, but I have not really stopped to take time and write about my day-to-day life in London. Now that my time here is coming to an end, I wanted to document this time in some form so I could look back and remember not only the amazing holidays, but the day-to-day grind.

It is funny; you often get bogged down by normal life that you do not stop to fully appreciate your surroundings. Well, it happened to me at least, and I only realised it when I decided to do this post. London is a truly amazing city, and every day for two years I walked through the heart of it. Once I got into the normality of work and routine, I kept my head down and focused on my destination. The last few weeks I lifted my head and really took in my surroundings. And I was amazed.

This is a short video I made showing my average day living here in London. The crazy commute in a overcrowded train. The beautiful walk over the Thames. The walk down Fleet street, past the breathtaking Royal Courts of Justice. And finally to work. Then I do it all in reverse, this time the city lit up and the sun setting over the river.

I have tried to keep it as real as possible; most of it is just me wandering through the streets! So feel free to skip through.

Oh, and I have also posted some of the photos below which you can see the larger versions of you like.

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  1. OK- that was really kick ass. The Salad Factory sounds like an absolutely horrid place to eat! And I saw "Piccadilly Lines".. and my grandparents used to live on a Piccadilly Road when I was WAY young. How I remember that.. who knows. :) But that was pretty cool. AND it made me want to see London myself. I doubt anyone would want to see Superior.. ;)


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