20 March 2011

Getting loose in Pisa [Italy]

I arrived in Pisa at about 7pm, found my hostel and chilled for the evening. The place was clean and warm, all I needed. Most of the evening I spent uploading photos for your entertainment. I did meet some cool Canadian peeps, Logan and Jessy, in my room. It was actually Jessys birthday the following day, and they started talking me in to staying an extra night so I could go out and party with them. Having not even gone out on this trip once so far, mainly because I have been sick, it was sounding pretty good. But I wasn't going to make any promises.

The following morning I got up at 8am, packed my gear, stowed it in the left luggage, and joined a walking tour of Pisa. It was really good, but there was a bit of information overload. I learned all about Pisa's history, different buildings, the story of the tower... Pisa actually used to be a huge city, and a major European power, but mainly due to one man (a traitor!) it has reduced in size to the city it is today.

There is a lot more to the city than just the tower, it is actually a cool little place. And although you only ever see photos of the tower, there is actually some other amazing buildings in the city, two of them sit right beside the tower!

The tour ended at around midday and I spent the afternoon doing random things - shopping, filling out stupid insurance forms... Then I decided to go back to the tower and spend some time taking photos. Check it!

I didn't manage to secure a couch in Florence, so I thought why not stay and party with my new friends? And that is exactly what I did! I woke up on the couch in the common room of the hostel this morning. I think that means it was a pretty good night...

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  1. Very cool! I'm happy to hear you've moved on to more normal accomodations. ;)


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