6 January 2010

The land of ABBA, Vikings, IKEA and Meatballs... Sweden!

Who would fly during the holiday period? You would have to be insane. Seats that you can get for £5 normally go for £130! Add to that the fact that every other bugger has decided to go on holiday, including lots of families (with screaming babies or insanely annoying toddlers)... you would really have to be nuts.

So, on Sunday the 27th December at around midday I left for Stansted, caught the Easy Bus, then flew Ryan Air to Vasterus, Sweden. If you are familiar with these companies, you will know how much of a high roller I am (they are VERY cheap & nasty). I arrived at a very white Vasterus, where I jumped into a shuttle to the city. The driver was someone who really loved their job, and the icy roads - he was sliding all over the show. Something like this Good fun.

From the central bus stop - my hotel was easy walking distance. The problem was there was so much snow, and it was so cold, the wheels on my suitcase kept freezing up. I found Vasterus was a beautiful town - lots of lights, trees and, again, SO MUCH SNOW!

My hotel was awesome! So huge and right in the middle of town. Plus I had an amazing view from my room. That evening I went out for a quick bite and a bit of a look around, then called it a night, as I wanted to get up early the following morning and see more of the town.

Monday morning I headed down for the largest hotel breakfast I have ever seen. They had everything. I ate so much! It set me up for a big day of exploring. I was out the door by 8am and found the town completely deserted. It turns out that things don't really get going until about 10am over here. But that was fine with me, I was happy just to wander around. I found a beautiful park with an amazingly lit tree, a nice pond and some crazy ducks swimming around in the freezing water. I also found two huge churches and a frozen river which was really cool. I ran out of things to look at fairly quickly, as it is not a large place, but I really enjoyed my morning exploring.

One thing I really liked so far about Sweden so far was how nice the people are - so friendly and helpful. And their English is so good!

Coming up soon, my day in Stockholm, then trip to Helsinki, Finland.

Next Post - 'Sweden, Part II'


  1. Love the photos - Makes me want to visit Sweden even smack in the middle of winter. Which hotel was so awesome?

  2. Its great but SO cold! The hotel was First Hotel Plaza - http://www.firsthotels.com/en/Our-hotels/Sweden/Vasteras/First-Hotel-Plaza/

    Cost about 600kr (£60), so quite reasonable.


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