18 January 2010

Final Days in Sweden

The title of this post is a little inaccurate - it should really read 'final day', as Friday (New Years Day)doesn't really count - we did absolutely nothing! The day consisted of a big fry up in the morning, a trip to the video store in the afternoon, and watching movies for the rest of the day. We did also venture out for some dinner, only because we were to lazy to make anything.

Saturday the 2nd Jan - I had to catch a bus from the main station at 3pm, so we had a good few hours to do some exploring. Rich told me about an awesome lookout at the Town Hall which gives amazing views over the whole city. So we spent ages getting there only to find it was closed! But, the building was really cool, so not a total loss. More suicidial ducks (I really cant get over these crazy ducks) and some beautiful sun. It was very nice.

There was one other good lookout spot, but it was quite far, and we were cold and lazy, so we flagged. Instead we headed into the warmth of a shopping mall to take a look around. As you can imagine - two guys in a shopping mall - we got bored fairly quickly. So we spent the last hour or so in a cafe sipping hot chocolate watching the people walk by.

3pm rolled around and it was time to go. The transport home was all really easy, flight was on time, so no major problems. Overall I had an awesome week! Bloody cold, but awesome. It was really cool to catch up with Rich and Lynn, hopefully will do again soon.

Check out all my photos from Sweden here


  1. Where in the world are you heading next..?

    Luke S

  2. Hey buddy! Got a lot going on the next few months. Brussels this month, Belfast next then Berlin in March. Egypt for Easter, then Madrid and Valencia in May. Lots of planning to do!

  3. The town hall building cast amazing shadows. Yeah, what's your next adventure?

  4. you got a nice photographs here :)


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