29 August 2009

Stones, not sand - WTF? Day Trip to Brighton Beach

First off - a bit of unpleasant news - our bloody bikes got stolen! Just after I wrote the blog about how much we loved our new bikes, a day later they are gone. Grrr.

Anyway, other news. We got up relatively early Saturday morning and jumped on a train to Brighton. It was a short trip (~45 mins) from London out to the beach. I think the funniest part of the day was after being on the train for about 10 minutes. The train only made two stops after we got on, one on the outskirts of London, then not again until Brighton. We stopped at the first stop - the guy in front of us must have been day-dreaming because just as the doors closed he jumped up and tried to get off. No such luck. He then turned around and asked if this was the last stop before Brighton... We then listened as he rung up whoever he was meant to be meeting and explained why he was going to be about 90mins late.

We arrived to a sunny blue sky, and a lot of wind! We made our way down to a fairly packed beach, only to find that instead of sand, the beach is covered in stones! Wierd... We found a nice spot and sat down anyway, and after 10 minutes we were then confronted with this:

...a guy doing all sorts of crazy stretches. Not exactly appropriate with all the small children around.

We lazed in the sun for a bit, then decided to go for a bit of an explore. We walked along the waterfront - which has heaps of cool (and some wierd) shops, resturants, cafes etc. We also found the Brighton Pier, the Pavilion, the West Pier that was burnt down in 2003, the lanes (a shopping area with very thin streets), and Rochelle found a Primark and Poundland! Awesome.

So that was our day at Brighton :)

Sunday we went to the Imperial War Museum. There was SO much info on all the wars, and a huge exhibition on the Holocaust. The Holocaust I found the most interesting - really mind blowing stuff. Its hard to imagine what those people went through. They also had some amazing equipment in there, including an a-bomb casing (the same as was used to bomb Hiroshima). They also had lots of HUGE guns and rockets and stuff. Check it out...

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