25 January 2009

Supersize Me in San Francisco [Day 6]

We made it! And DAMN its cold! We are all rugged up and Rochelle is making good use of her mitten gloves!

San Francisco looks like a really cool place though, lots of interesting old buildings. As we were driving in Rochelle said it looks like Wellington, it feels like it too (cold!)

We have learnt a few hard lessons at this hostel. The main one - don't assume anything! So far we have been staying in 'private rooms' in hostels, and they have been basic but good. Basic bathroom and toilet, little 14" tv... I ASSUMED this would be similar as we are paying exactly the same as the other hostels. We got here today and walk into our room (if you can call it that) - its a TINY box with just a bed and a chest of drawers. The bed is a king single, no bathroom and no TV. Rochelle is very upset about having no TV! :P But we will live... I am sure this wont be the worst place we stay in thats for sure!

Buuut its not all bad. The hostel is right in San Fran. Out one side of the building you can see over the city, and the other is the Golden Gate Bridge! So that's cool.

This arvo we decided to go down to 'Fishermans Wharf' - a touristy area on the wharf. Was quite cool down there and you can see across to Alcatraz. We went into 'Ripleys believe it or not' which was OK... Some interesting stuff in there.

We just had to take a photo of the HUGE bottles of spirits you can buy in the supermarket... That's a regular 700ml Smirnoff compared to the monsters they have here.

If anyone from Earth Nymph is reading this - make sure you show Stewie the pic of the Jager!

That's all for today =)

Next Post - 'Full House! - San Francisco'


  1. Looks like your getting the hang of it
    check our email

  2. so what's the temp over there?
    Cool pics and update. We are experiencing an extremely warm summer... 27 in Rotorua, amazing!
    Just had Akl anniversary long weekend... took the campa to our fav spot in Te Kaha. Another short week next week with Waitangi day.
    Keep having fun... great experiences for you!

  3. Hi its shells mum, its great reading your website and looking at the photos, Rochelle you look very cold in San Fran! Neal and Bert are having a great time arent they?
    Cant work out how to be a follower and Dads forgotten how he did his
    Take care
    Luv Mum XX

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