24 January 2009

King City [Day 5]

We have had a pretty full-on day of driving today. Left the hostel this morning at about 10am. Had some problems finding the right way to go! -but after a couple of hours we got on the right track.

Weather was absolute crap so couldn't really see much. There was a lot of cloud and fog. The coast still looked really nice. We saw lots of little hick towns that we made sure not to stop at. We stopped once for gas which cost all of $27! About $0.60c a litre... not bad eh.

We stopped at about 5pm in a place called King City (have a look at the map below). Its a really nice place, A LOT nicer than where we were staying in Hollywood!

That's all the news really! So we will fill you in on a few things we have discovered about America. Everything is Mega sized. Its insane. They have energy drinks in 1L cans! At the supermarket you can buy spirits, and they all come in supersized 2L bottles. Juice, milk, soft drinks all come in 4L bottles. Chips come in HUGE packages... And pizza's - we went to a pizza place the other night that had a 36" (3 foot) pizza. These people are crazy.

A couple of other things - Americans also love HUGE trucks and vans. There is a Subway on almost every corner. They add tax at the counter so you never know how much things are going to cost.

Thats all for now =)

Next Post - 'Supersize Me in San Francisco'

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