30 November 2011

KL is the Shiz! [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

Kuala Lumpur is one of the coolest capital cities I have ever visited. Friendly and relaxed, large green spaces, amazing archetecture... If you want to shop 'till your feet fall off, KL has everything from small street markets to massive malls. Get back to nature? KL is covered in greenery, and has a huge park not far from the center of town. After a bit of culture? You will find a fusion of religions, from Buddhist temples to Mosques to Churches. Want to be entertained? KL has a massive down-town entertainment district that has everything you could ever want. Seriously, KL is the shiz.

A quick run down of the spots we hit -
Chinatown. This area is the most 'touristy' and has a bit market selling your standard knock-off clothing for as much as the vendor can screw you for. There is also a couple of cool temples, Guan Di and Sri Maha Mariamman. There was some kind of Indian ceremony or celebration going on at the second one, so there were saree's everywhere!

Little India. A colourful area just north of China Town. Plenty of curry, bollywood films and bad music. But the market was cool and less touristy than the one in China Town.

The National Mosque. A huge white building with lots of trees, water and fountains surrounding. I was able to go inside the complex but not inside the mosque itself.

Merdeka Square. This is where Malaysia declared its independence. A large green field in the middle of the city with a huge flag at one end and a fountain at the other. The most interesting thing about this place is the beautiful buildings surrounding - the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the Museum Tekstil.

The Lake Gardens. A massive park filled with plants and wildlife. The park is actually home to many museums, the planetarium, a butterfly park, deer park, amphitheatre, the largest aviary in the world! and a big lake. Unfortunately when we were there it was hosing down with rain, so we didn't stick around long, but it looked like a pleasant place to spend a day.

The National Monument. Right beside the Lake Gardens is the monument dedicated to the Malaysians that have lost their lives in conflict. A large statue surrounded by water; worth a look if you are heading to the gardens.

The Golden Triangle. The entertainment and shopping district in KL. The sky-scrapers in this area can be seen from all over the city, and it is home to some of the most exculsive hotels. The Golden Triangle is also home to the Petronas Towers (former worlds tallest building), the KL Tower and Times Square - the biggest mall I have ever seen! (It has a theme park inside...). We actually tried to go up the Petronas towers, which is free! But the viewing platform was being refurbished, so that was kinda sucky.

Sorry if this post reads a bit like a guide book, but I don't really have any funny stories to tell from KL. Well, we did witness two fights, one involving drunk old men. The other where a guy grabbed a big iron bar. I guess that was pretty funny. Oh, and I found a Kenny Rogers chicken joint! WTF? But other than that - nada. But it is an awesome city so you should check it out.

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