15 February 2011

KA MATE! Kiwi Day 2011

Waitangi (kiwi) Day is a New Zealand holiday which commemorates the day the treaty/agreement was signed between the native Maori's, and the British settlers. To be quite honest, back in New Zealand it is just a good excuse to have a day off work. But over in London it is a chance for all the Kiwi's to get together and celebrate being a New Zealander on the other side of the world.

And being the classy Kiwi's we are - we like to do it in style. The idea is simple:
1. Dress up in something that reminds you of home
2. Take to the streets of London
3. Consume as much alcohol as your body can handle

I must say that the whole thing is very well received. The public seem to get in the spirit, and people from all over the world participate. Even the police seem to love it. I can just imagine the NZ police wanting to ruin everyone's fun, but over here they just want to make sure everyone has a good time... Within the bounds of the law, of course.

I spent most of the day with my French friend Dan, who was from Wanganui (for the day anyway). A couple of Aussie's, Paul and Sarah, joined in the shenanigans later in the day. I also bumped into the Scotland crew (Lindy, Nick, Prue and Elisse) as well as Emma, a girl I used to work with back in Girborne, and a few guys I want to high school with.

A good day had by all!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fun, love the pics. Its funny how national days can often be more fun when spent in another country.I remember celebrating St.Patricks Day in Australia and it was way more fun than in Ireland. Plus I joined my ozzie friends in Dublin a few years ago to celebrate Australia day in an aussie pub in dublin and it was the craziest,most fun night ever.


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