10 December 2008

Australia 2008

We have been in Aus for about 9 months now. Staying with Rochelles parents who have been really helpful and awesome putting up with us for so long! On the whole our experience in Australia has been really good. We have managed to save some money for our trip and had a bit of a holiday on the Gold Coast at the same time. The weather is amazing and the lifestyle is really relaxed. It would be perfect if we could convince all our friends to move over!

We both got really good jobs working for a fairly small business that wholesales tourist clothing and souvenirs. Rochelle is in the admin team processing orders and manning the phones etc, and I have been doing all the international freight and part-time IT guy.

We have done every single theme park and most of the wildlife parks on the Gold Coast. Travelled up to the sunshine coast for a weekend, flew up to Townsville and out to Orpheus Island to visit Rochelles sister and her husband - Bridgette and Aaron - which was awesome!

That's about it really. Here's a couple of pics we took along the way...

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